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Sunday, 18 November 2012

No mountain too High

Is life that tough?...Can't we achieve what we want in our life. Sadly... that is the case... most of us fail to be what we want to be... Because we don't have that one person who believes in us. We are surrounded by family and friends who think we aren't good enough.They keep on reminding us how we tried and failed or maybe even remind us of what we used to be instead of reminding us where we are going. These kind of people are nothing but poison to our thoughts and the more you give them your ear, the further you draw yourself away from where you want to be. Don't be the block in other people's path to bring something to the world. Be the reason others rise to greatness. Remember when you help someone to get up, you are basically not helping them but cushioning yourself in case you fall tomorrow. Everybody needs somebody to believe in them if they are to achieve their dreams. So when you hear a friend saying he/she wants to do something...as long as it is good, instead of reminding them how competitive is the world or maybe how he/she does not have the required skills or maybe how the economy is not on their side...believe in them even if you see no reason to believe in them. Even a fire requires a spark first for it to ignite.
 It is not the skills that we have at the beginning of the journey that determines the end of the journey, but the passion we have before we make the first step. And if we can keep that passion alive, then the skills will come as we need them and when we need them. Everybody needs somebody to believe in them. It may be a child from a poor background who wants to be an astronaut, a junkie who desires to be drug clean, a harlot who wants to have a happy family, a friend who wants to start a business, a brother/sister who wants to be big in life, a patient in grave conditions who wants to be well, a broken heart who yearns to find true love...everybody needs somebody to believe in them. Great is the faith that we have for ourselves but greatest is the faith we have for others. So stop reminding others of can't(s) and past falls and keep them focused to where they want to be.

We all need somebody to believe in us and on our behalf and not to forget we too need to be that person who believes in others too no matter the situation..

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